Volume 24 (2023), Issue 2 (February)
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Crisis Consulting

Strategic crisis consulting services are absorbed before an actual crisis occurs. Among those are, for instance, crisis audits and crisis quick-checks, crisis manuals and crisis internet portals, crisis workshops and media training, crisis exercises and crisis simulations as well as crisis certificates. In order to deal with an oncoming critical incident, the following four steps are to be distinguished:

Ad hoc crisis consulting services in an acute crisis that can be reached 24/7 via the English-speaking emergency telephone number +49 (0)700 Crisisnavigator (that is +49 (0)700 27 47 47 62) or the German-speaking +49 (0)700 Krisennavigator (that is +49 (0)700 57 47 36 62) at the International Crisisnavigator Center based in Kiel (Germany) with a branch office in Hamburg (Germany), close to Hamburg international airport:

Head office KielBranch office Hamburg

Please contact us for futher information.

Date: Monday, 6. February 2023 - 13:08:45 Uhr

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