Volume 24 (2023), Issue 2 (February)
ISSN 1619-2400, www.crisisnavigator.com

Crisis Research

The Crisisnavigator - Institute for Crisis Research, a "spin-off" of the University of Kiel (Germany), offers academic basic research as well as academic mission oriented research (including market and opinion research) and expert opinion in the following areas since 1998:

  • Crisis Management
  • Crisis Communications
  • Issues Management
  • Risk Management
  • Disaster Management
  • Business Continuity Management 

Based on the research results, the Crisisnavigator accomplishes different types of consulting and training - for example confidential in-house workshops, public seminars, congresses, lectures in co-operation with external educational institutions and so-called "crisis summits" and "restructuring summits".

Academic information provided by the institute contains electronic publications via the German-speaking "Krisennavigator" (ISSN 1619-2389) and the English version "Crisisnavigator" (ISSN 1619-2400) as well as print publications such as journals, media comments, working papers, expert contributions, reviews and the German crisis consultant index.

Head office of Crisisnavigator - Institute for Crisis Research
in Kiel's technology center - close to the University of Kiel

Please contact us for futher information.

Date: Monday, 6. February 2023 - 14:20:42 Uhr

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