Volume 24 (2023), Issue 2 (February)
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Crisis Training

All Crisisnavigator training courses are idiosyncratic and adapted to the client. They meet the international training standards of the German Crisis Management Society. Crisis management trainings can be endorsed by a preceding crisis media training and a succeeding crisis management simulation.

  • In an interactive crisis media training for executives and members of the press office, the Crisisnavigator team shows how the media reacts in crises. Realistic exercises - for example press conferences or talk shows - teach how to place core messages of the company or institution.
  • In the crisis management training, the Crisisnavigator gives a general overview and presents the various elements of crisis management. In our philosophy, crisis management consists of at least four elements: operative crisis management (infrastructure, emergency resp. acute crisis management measures etc.), crisis communication (dark sites, press releases etc.), crisis psychology (human factors, trauma etc.) and legal aspects (regulations, litigation etc.).
  • Crisisnavigator arranges a communicative and operative crisis management simulation. On the basis of a fictitious, but realistic scenario of a potential crisis, the Crisisnavigator simulates inquiries of stakeholders like customers, media, the public etc. that have to be managed by the participants of the training that act as crisis management team. The performance of the crisis management team is observed and audited by the Crisisnavigator and documented in a short written or oral report that also contains suggestions for improvement.

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