Volume 24 (2023), Issue 2 (February)
ISSN 1619-2400, www.crisisnavigator.com

Crisis Management

For the company or institution, the acute crisis starts with the crisis perception in the outer world. This can be caused by failed intra-corporate crisis prevention or by the surprising suddenness of the critical incident. Crisisnavigator offers the following four services in order to assist companies and institutions that are affected by an acute crisis:

  • Ad hoc crisis consulting and crisis management
  • On-site crisis consulting and crisis management
  • Real-time crisis communication
  • Online crisis documentation

Ad hoc consulting services in an acute crisis that can be reached 24/7 via the English-speaking emergency telephone number +49 (0)700 27 47 47 62 (that is +49 (0)700 Crisisnavigator) or the German-speaking +49 (0)700 57 47 36 62 (that is +49 (0)700 Krisennavigator) at the International Crisisnavigator Center based in Kiel (Germany).

Please contact us for further details.

Date: Monday, 6. February 2023 - 12:41:57 Uhr

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